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Yearbook Corner

Welcome to the Yearbook Corner!
Do you have pictures which you would like to submit for publication in the Alisal Bears yearbook? If you have pictures from helping your kids at school or at an Alisal school event, CLICK HERE to submit your pictures. Below are the steps for submitting a picture.
  • Please click “Upload”
  • Choose the pictures you want to add.
  • Under “First name”  write your name.
  • Under “Last name” write a name of a teacher of the class you have the pictures taken at (that’s our way to identify the pictures between all we are receiving from others)
  • Under “email address” please add your email address.
Thank you for submitting pictures for the Alisal Bears yearbook. Because of your submission, the Alisal Bears yearbook will be a special collection of memories which your child and all Alisal students can enjoy for a years to come! 
Thank you!
Alisal Yearbook Committee