Drive Through Back to School Materials Pick Up

Thursday 8/6, 9-11am or 1-3pm if your last name begins with A-M
Friday 8/7, 9-11am or 1-3pm if your last name begins with N-Z
1. BEFORE you come to Alisal, please write your student(s)' name(s) and grade level on a sheet of white paper and place it in the bottom right hand corner of your front windshield. Please write large and legibly. Staff will be using this to make sure your child gets the correct materials.
2. Drive through the front parking lot loop, follow standard drop off/pick up procedures and any staff directing traffic. Staff will be standing by to check your student(s)' name in the windshield.
3. Once they have checked your student(s)’ name, you have pulled all the way forward, and come to a stop, please pop the trunk of your car. A staff member will then return, place your student's supplies in the back of your car, and close your trunk.
Although this is intended to be no-contact pick up, please make sure you still wear a mask and practice proper physical distancing.