PTA Board Positions Available

Below is see a list of the open positions, short description and an estimate of monthly hours spent in each position. Email me directly if you are interested.
• President (20 hrs)
Responsible for leading PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members. Creates agendas for and is presiding officer at Board and Association Meetings.
• VP of Fundraising (3 hrs)
Works with a committee, appointed by the President, to plan and organize fundraising activities. Focuses on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the unit’s budget through corporate sponsors and corporate matching.
• Parliamentarian (3 hrs)
Responsible for ensuring Bylaws are up-to-date, assists President with conducting meetings and calls the first meeting of the Nominating Committee.
Please consider joining an amazing team of parents in continuing to be one of the best PTA’s around!
Tracy Gribschaw - Nominating Committee Chair
Nominating Committee:
Lisa Walter
Lindsay Phillips
Amy Carlson
Andrea Donatucci