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Destination Imagination

The Alisal PTA is proud to support Destination Imagination, also known as DI. DI is a fun, hands-on, immersive way for kids to explore subjects ranging from STEM to fine arts and community service, run by parent volunteers on a global scale. DI embodies Common Core principles, while able to go beyond what's possible in a classroom. Teams tackle challenges and develop solutions together.  Along the way, kids learn creative problem solving, team work, experimentation, and time and budget management, all while turning your recycling into amazing, never-before-imagined works of art/architecture. The process shifts kids’ focus from ‘me’ to ‘we’.  It helps kids ask and answer questions like – How do I help my team succeed? Hear all voices?  Accept when my idea won’t work?  Build on my friends’ ideas?  Learn to give up control and trust my team mates? DI teaches diplomacy, negotiation, prioritization, patience, and how to work together to thrive in a context in which there’s no pre-determined right answer or recipe for success. To learn more about DI, visit www.destinationimagination.orgIf you would like to join or help form a team, please email Cristina Moidel or call at (925) 399-8052. If you have an older child in middle school who would like to participate, please contact Vani Bhargav.
Please join us for our 1st meeting of the year. We will hold an Information and Team Formation meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd at 7pm through Zoom. We look forward to seeing you there!