5th Grade Corner

Bear Hugs Due Friday, September 28th

For fifth graders, the last year at Alisal is a very special time. In order to celebrate this awesome year, the Alisal yearbook committee dedicates a section called Bear Hugs to the 5th graders . E ach Bear Hug contains a congratulatory message and special photo. In order to make each Bear Hug meaningful, we encourage families to take a few minutes to write a special note and submit a cute photo of your child. Below are the guidelines for creating and submitting your child’s Bear Hug . And, best of all... Bear Hugs are FREE.


Guidelines for Bear Hug Submissions

  • Bear Hug Message : The message must be 50 words or less.

  • Bear Hug Digital Photo : The digital photo must be in jpeg format. If you are scanning your photo, please be sure your scanner is set to at least 600dpi.

  • Submission Instructions : Please email your Bear Hug message and digital photo to YearbookAlisal@gmail.com . Include the following in the subject line of your email: Bear Hugs, Teacher’s Name, Student’s Full Name .

Due Date : Please email your Bear Hug submission by Friday, September 28, 2018.


Additional Information : The yearbook committee reviews all photos, determines final yearbook content, and may also edit or shorten messages as needed. Bear Hug entries are limited to one photo and one message of 50 words or less.


If you are not familiar with Bear Hugs, here are some ideas and tips to get you started:

o Congratulations on completing elementary school
o Ways your child is special
o How your child has grown
o Accomplishments and/or why you are proud of your child o Good luck wishes for middle school

o Feel free to write anything meaningful to you and your child!
o Photo: Some parents choose to submit a baby or toddler picture, while others submit a

more recent photo.


Our goal is to include a Bear Hug for every 5t h grader. If you do not submit a Bear Hug by the deadline, then the yearbook committee will create a Bear Hug , take a photo and write a message, for your child. If you do not want your child in the Bear Hugs section or if you have any questions please contact Saralynn Ness: YearbookAlisal@gmail.com

Thank you,
The Yearbook Committee


Calling All Awesome Alisal 5th Graders!
Show your school spirit by designing a

yearbook cover for the 2018-2019 Alisal yearbook!

This year’s yearbook theme is “Emojis”.

Entry Due Date: Friday, September 28th



  • Size must be 8.5” x 11” on unlined paper
  • Design must be in vertical orientation
  • Use vibrant colors
  • Artwork should be inspired by your everyday life at Alisal
  • Must clearly say “Alisal Elementary” and “2018-2019”
  • First and last name must be written in pencil on the back
  • Must be original work, no tracing
  • Inappropriate Emoji’s will be disqualified
  • You may work as an individual or in pairs, but only one submission per person is permitted
  • Turn into your teacher or the school office by Friday, 9/28


Contest open to all 5th grade students


Questions? Email any questions to AlisalYearbook@gmail.com


Outdoor Ed 2018-2019

Planning for the 2018-2019 Outdoor Education trip is well under way. More details to come soon...