ROAR Expectations

ROAR is an acronym that stands for Respect, Ownership, Awareness and Responsibility. These are the four guiding principles that we use at Alisal throughout all environments to ensure a safe school environment and a common school language. Staff and students work together to discuss what these principles look like in different situations during the school day like recess, lunch time, classroom time and walking through the halls.  Students are then reinforced for their choices that align with these rules in various ways, the most prominent of which is through both individual and classroom ROAR tickets. At Alisal our student's ROAR!

ROAR During Remote Learning:

Please make sure students are still following ROAR expectations during remote learning. The link below is a list of examples for each of our ROAR expectations for remote learning. Although it will look a little different during remote learning, we will be starting back up with giving out ROAR tickets, Wednesday winners, class ROAR recognitions, and even monthly rewards with the Principal and Vice Principal! Students can earn those ROAR tickets, starting the first day of school!

Below are PBIS videos about what Alisal's ROAR expectations look like in different areas around campus. Click on the title to view each video. 

Introduction to ROAR







Below are the videos for our monthly Flag Salutes:

September Flag Salute

August Flag Salute